Through out history what human kind has learned is that communication is the key to victory

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In summer1989,a M.o.D international relation department was instructed to form a centre for ordnance export activities. In a very short time several highly commercially specialist officers were recruited to take up the job which soon followed by few foreign contracts.

The Centre soon received defence minister’s special blessing to...

Applications & Features:

  • Extremely Strong, lightweight, rugged, survivable tight-buffer cables designed for military tactical field use and commercial applications.
  • Compact, round cable design for ease of transportation and deployment
  • Designed for use in adverse environments where reduced size
  • ...

Infantry Field Wire
MIL-C-13294C (Type WD-1 /TT)
MIL-C-49104C (Type WD-1 (A)/TT)


  • This product mainly employed for military guard telephone wires and other electrical applications, and it has the
  • following usage & advantages.
  • High mechanical
  • ...

Underwater wireless communicators are devices used in underwater speech communications in various military and commercial applications.
These systems act as conventional air wirelesses with some changes in algorithm and system.
Electro-Acoustic waves are replaced with electromagnetic ones and transducers with antennas. The SURFACE...

Technical Capabilities:

  • The smallest Portable Repeater
  • Exquisite industrial Design
  • CTCSS/CDCSS Function
  • Pulse Trickle Charging
  • Multi-control for Onset of the Fan
  • LED Indicators
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth
  • PC Programming & Tuning
  • Base
  • ...

Trunking Features:

  • Menu Operation
  • Auto Select BS
  • Votenow
  • Manual Select BS
  • 4 System Networks
  • Full off Air Call Setup (FOACSU)
  • Flexible Group Call Setting
  • Specific ID Calling
  • Temporary Grouping in Roaming System
  • Quiet Alarm
  • ...

Technical Capabilities:

  • 256 Conventional Channels
  • DTMF Encode / PTT ID
  • Priority Channel Scan
  • Revert Channel
  • Nuisance Channel Delete
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • 3 Programmable Function Buttons
  • Time – Out Timer
  • Emergency


Technical Capabilities:

  • Wide-band Coverage
  • Powerful Audio Output
  • Safety Assurance
  • Built-in Scrambler
  • Whisper
  • Channel Annunciation
  • 5-Tone Model: 5-Tone + HDC 2400
  • 2-Tone Model: 2-Tone + HDC 1200
  • Lone Worker
  • ...