In the new age of technology easier communications tag along with IT infrastructure

Information is critical asset for most organizations.
It is where a great deal of information is stored in the form of computer files which are highly vulnerable to serious threats such as unauthorized access and modification.
DES-1151 is a powerful software which assists users to protect their files.DES.1151 provides various file...

NED-2223 is a network security product which uses encryption and tunneling mechanisms in data link layer to authenticate the computers or devices in the network and protect their communications.
NED-2223 can be used to establish secure connections between communication parties in the network. So it makes possible to create a Virtual...

Nowadays computers are the main tool for storing and transferring information. Those data which are stored as a file on a computer, are encountered to several threats. In fact it is possible to copy, change and reveal files stored on computers.
Also it is possible to monitor the files exchanged between computers and local networks,...

iei Monitoring systems are designed to store the passing internet traffic and let the user see its Content by visualizing software named CASER.
The name stands for Content analysis system extended revision. iei delivers different types of traffic Content Monitoring systems. The most affordable one is a soft ware package called MTC-7423....

General Description:
Data ciphering system DCS-6030 is designed to protect the data which is  transmitted and received by modem. Interfacing between terminal and external modem, the unit encrypts or decrypts the interchanged data. The DCS-6030 can be applied with several types of external modems and terminals (main frame...

General Description:
The FCS-S030 facsimile ciphering system is designed to offer a very high level of security during transmission and reception of fax documents. By connecting this unit to a fax machine documents can be transmitted
in either encrypted or plain modes.
This system allows for automatic...

With the development of telecommunication technology and increasing use of mobile phones, Short Message Service (SMS) is greatly welcomed because of its low cost and ease of accessibility.
Short messages can be used for advertisement and offline text communication as a good replacement for phone calls especially when network's traffic is...

Physical specification:

  • Four 10/100/1000 Ethernet porths
  • Serial port console with full setup capabilities
  • 19inch rack mountable chassis with 1u height
  • PANTONE 295u color,1*power LED (may change )
  • Dimensions : 426*379*43.5mm (W*D*H)
  • Power
  • ...

General Description:
Telephone is currently the most common means for communication. Information is transmitted between two subscribers through copper wires and in case of trunk communication, between switch centers. This will seriously put communication security in danger and makes it susceptible to eavesdropping. The...

General Description:
Phone ciphering system, PCS-8030, is designed for making security in telephone calls. It uses CELP 4800 as a vocoder. A very powerful cryptographic algorithm is used for high security communications.
PCS-8030 can operate on all kinds of telephone Analog lines and Panasonic Centres and connected...