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  • Exchangable filter
  • Variable field of view
  • Water repellence


Magnification:          1.5x    6x
Field of view:           24    6
Resolution:              0.2mils  0.05mils
Length:                  4850 mm


  • Induction Dampened Needle
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Case
  • Rugged and Accurate
  • Magnifying Lens for Dial Reading
  • For Use Even in Total Darkness
  • Water Proof

General Description:
Military tritium lensatic is a navigational and marching compass used to determine...

  • High quality and precise
  • Fully coated optics
  • Equipped with illuminating reticule system
  • Controllable light
  • Equipped with sun filter protection against water, dust, rusts, etc...
  • Easily portable
  • Fully Coated Optics
  • Easy Center Focus
  • Equipped With Graduation Reticule
  • Completely Water Proof
  • Fully Covered By Shock-Resistance Rubber Armor
  • Nitrogen Gas Filled
  • Supplied with complete holdling arm and sturdy tripod
  • Fully coated optics
  • Easy center focus
  • Airtight mechanism / protection against Water , dust , rust , moisture , etc
  • Nitrogen gas filled
  • Border surveillance in all conditions from sea borders (coastal) to ground borders.
  • Aerial target  detection & Tracking & Fire control
  • Accurate measurment & teodolite applications for 3d target trajectory extraction using special software.
  • Ruggdized for harsh environment
  • Equipped With Cooling & Heating System
  • Image stabilizer 
  • Recording and Playing of Images 
  • Computerized controlling of Images 
  • Computerized controlling of CCD Images
  • Motion detection 
  • ...

This digital display system includes a set of software and hardware used in pilot cockpit to display the data relevant to the system conditions, engine performance, flight information, navigation data, and helicopter mission information. It can exactly replace electromechanical gauges and old data presentation systems and would be used as the...

  • Light and compact
  • Powerful control software
  • Equipped with shock observer
  • Image preview viability in ground station

Photography height:             4000 to 15000 feet
Speed during photography:    less than 350 Km/h
Ground resolution distance:   60 cm...

Aerial Camera Eagle II

Aerial Camera Eagle III