Information and technologies (IT) is without a doubt a scene that runs the world, even in warfare.

The 911 H.D.D industrial shredder is a very high performance machine that is designed for shredding and destroying most standard computer hard disks, hdd drives, back up tapes, DVDs and assorted e-waste.

-Ability of shredding and destroying HDD drives
-Cutting speed:4 hdd per min*
-Shredd size:1 cm*3 cm.
-Power:25 Amp 3...

secure and complete SCADA software solution

HADI is the name of ISIRAN SCADA software solution which can be used in important and sensitive industries. This solution provides high security in such industries. HADI supports wide range of industrial protocols including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus, OPC, OPC UA and any...

ISIRAN Co. specialist are capable analyze situation, plan, construct and implement suitable data center to meet customer requirement properly. Training and maintenance also are the important services that are going offer to customers as they are needed so on. A network is a group of interconnected computers in many different and various types...

isiOAS Infrastructure & Technology Technical Features

*Web Based
*.Net, XML, COM, XML web Services
*Oracle, SQL server database
*RUP (analysis, design & implementation) Standard
*Advanced encryption such as SSL protocol

isiOAS Special Features

*e-Form builder...

*Makes internal and external processes in organization simpler
*Used to automate & support enterprise process flows
*Web based client-server model
*Designed & implemented by the best frameworks such as Cake, Symphony, …
*Uses EXTJS framework In client side
*The framework of this portal is proprietary...

CMMS is a software package that maintains a computer database of information about maintenance operations. In ISIRAN, the CMMS is used by engineers to collect, store and analyze data on the inventory, Industrial Centers, corrective and preventive maintenance in addition to other activities related to any devices and equipment.

Document Management System (DMS) involves the migration of paper and electronic documents onto an electronic storage medium and the ability to manage and easily retrieve the information according to agreed access rights.


DMS Goals
-Integrity and management any documents
-Categorized and organized...

The integrated Command & Control Geographical Information System (C2 GIS) ، is a Software Infrastructure for sharing Geographical-Based Information between Users.
One of the most issues in applying the Geographical Information systems in a large Scale Enterprise in a Secure and Restricted environment is Sharing and Exchanging Data...

At the present age, information technology has been brought to the service of all commanders and managers in all aspects (military and non-military) in order to make proper decisions, direct organizations, and control systems. Those systems that are based on information technology operate on the basis of information collected from various...

Product Representation:
Increasing requirements of GIS based systems' users and customers from day to day, Consists a large range of requests that should be met by GIS experts.
After generating several software systems like sGIS, AVL3D and mGIS successfully, isiran has started planning and applying isiGIS inland...