Advanced system solutions regarding any aspect of defense or offense.

Total solution
Marine Navigation solution is composed of the following integrated subsystem Navigation:

  • Navigation Radar with chart
  • Gyro compass
  • Magnetic Digital compass
  • Total weather station
  • Satellite positioning systems (GPS/DGPS/GLONASS)
  • EM/Speed
  • ...

Maritime coastal surveillance and Harbor protection
Coastal surveillance & security system, including radar, signal processing, Electronic warfare, multi sene: system management.
Data base system and recording & raplay based on the IEI products is designed and built to ensure the integrity of the self...

System solution
A total solution for minimizing enemies threats and activities along the border to intercept, detect and track of any intruder crossing the border. In addition, the system will support the law enforcement forces to conduct the identification and interception of the intruder. This solution is featured on...

System solution
This system is advanced EW system designed to intercept, monitor, analyze.record.and implement direction finding and position finding of narrow band/wide band signals form 1 MHZ to 3 GHZ to acquire strategic /tactical knowledge and information of enemy’s activities.
In addition to monitoring and...