7×42 Handheld Binocular

* Fully coated optic
* Equipped with graduation reticule
* Completely water proof
* Fully covered by shock-resistance rubber armor
* Nitrogen gas filled.

Technical Specifications                         with compass                     without compass
Objective diameter                                       42mm                              42mm
magnification                                                7x                                      7x
Real field of view                                          7.3°                                     7.3°
Exit pupil diameter                                      6mm                                   6mm
Relative brightness                                       36                                         36
Inter pupillary                                          58mm ~ 72mm                     58mm ~ 72mm
Diopter adjustment                                 -4D ~ +4D                              -4D ~ +4D
Weight                                                        1kg                                        1kg
Size                                                     165x190mm                              165x190mm
Reading accuracy                                         1°                                             -