Aerial Radar Command, Control and Monitoring Network

Command and control system solution helps the military commanders carry out their mission against the enemy threats and intrusions. this system can be regarded as an essential defense element for nowadays battles. By developing and establishing a sophisticated and efficient command and control network, with a robust architecture and by creating a secure data base as well as employing all anticipatable solutions. It can also assist the commanders to cope against any threat or enemy intrusion. This system has the capability of networking and the user is able to use it in a radar network with necessary software adaptation to integrate the equipment provided by the final user. The network will provide a safe and encrypted radar sending and receiving data and target information consists of target range and azimuth. By implementing command & control radar center it will be possible to monitor and remotely control all data which are gathered by all integrated radars in one or more command & control centers. These capabilities help the top commanders so that they can make the best decisions according to the gathered information.
* Capability of controlling and monitoring of existing radar systems (individually or integrated) data fusion is carried out for conflict management.
* Capability of transmission and reception to / from higher levels of command and control network.
* Capability of audio intercom connection between the users.
* Capability of voice connection between different radar sites users with each other and with higher levels of the network.
* Capability of voice connection between CRC users and aircraft pilots.
* Capability of fast and real time data processing.
* Secure and encrypted data transmission and reception between CRC users and other centers.
* Capability of adding new radar systems to the network with the minimum modification and in the possible shortest time.