Aiming Circles

High quality and precise Aiming Circles have general specification as topography instruments. They are used for precise measurement of Azimuth / Elevation angles of aerial or ground targets with respect to a preselected baseline as required for the orientation of artillery weapons. Using the magnetic system of the instrument, you can define the magnetic poles of the earth precisely and then the target can be identified. They were equipped with illuminating reticule system with controllable light and sun filter. They were protected against water, dust, rusts.


Aiming Circle M2A2
Model                            Aiming Circle (M2 A2 type)
Magnification                    4X
Field of view                     10°
Azimuth rotation               6400 mils(360°)
Elevation 1100 mils           (45°)
Depression 400 mils         (22.5°)
Reading accuracy            1 mil
Dimensions                     197x260x1100 mm
Weight                            4.3 kg
Tripod Weight                  3.8 kg
Accessories weight          1 kg


Mortar Sight 60mm MD83
Model                                  Aiming Circle (M2 A2 type)
Magnification                          2.5x
Entrance pupil diameter          10mm
Exit pupil diameter                  4mm
Eye relief, mm                        19.2mm
Range of diopter adjustment    -1D ~ 0.5D
field of view                             9
Field of view in meters             158.0/1000
Elevation adjustment               800 ~ 1400 mil
Lateral adjustment                  0/6400 mil


Mortar Sight 82mm
Model                            Mortar sight 82mm
Magnification                             2.5x
Field of view                             
Azimuth rotation                        6000 mils (360°)
Elevation 800 mils                     (48°)
Depression 100 mils                   (6°)
Reading accuracy                     1mil
Dimensions                              150x100x100mm
Weight                                     1kg
Tripod Weight                         -1D~ -0.5D
Accessories weight                   0.5 kg