Anti Tank Missile Launcher, TOOFAN-1

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TOOFAN-1 launcher has been designed to destroy enemy's stationary or moving armor within 3 km effective range. It is equipped with IR tracking.
In its primary role, as an anti tank weapon, it is employed to the destroy formation of armored vehicles prior to effectiveness of the fire power and shock action of enemy armor.TOOFAN-1 is employed against vehicles, field fortifications, and emplacements.


  • Preventive maintenance and pre-operational checks
  • Self test capability prior to each launch
  • Easy installation in less than 1.5 minutes
  • Consonance with maintenance concepts
  • Heavy antitank/assault weapon system
  • Internal bore sight alignment check
  • Mountable on a variety of vehicles
  • Field replace ability components
  • Supported with training set
  • Night vision(optional )
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Point target weapon
  • Easy application
  • High reliability

Destroy formation of armored vehicles
Destroy field fortifications
Destroy stationary and moving targets
Destroy air targets with low altitude                    

 Technical Specifications:

System effective range :            3km
Hit probability :                         96%
Magnification :                         13x
Visual F.O.V :                          5.4°
“IR” F.O.V :                         
            Wide                           ±2°
            Narrow                        ±0.25°
Rotation ability :
           Azimuth                        360°
           Elevation                      ±30°
Environmental condition :
           Temperature range       -30° ~  +50°C
           Humidity                      5% ~  100% 
           Wind speed                  48.1 km/h
Total weight :                           77 kg