Artillery Fire Control Computer, AFCC-85

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Artillery Fire Control computer is a modern device which is capable of precisely conducting the necessary computations related to different types of cannons, rockets and mortars enabling the chief fire direction officer to be present near by the gunner. One important feature of this system is its high speed computation with arrogant accuracy. The light weight and small size makes it portable to be carried by an individual easily.


  • Computing firing data based on standard and nonstandard modes consisting of : Elevation, azimuth of lay, level alignment, quadrant elevation, azimuth of cannon, azimuth correction, computing sheaf both collectively and open for each cannon, fuze maximum and minimum time, wind angle and related azimuth  and elevation correction. (i.e;earth rotation, air pressure, temperature, initial
    velocity, projectile weight coefficient.)
  • Enable to compute two adjacent
  • zones parameters.
  • Projectile design drawing.
  • Expansible recording of firing data.
  • Extraction and display of firing data.
  • Border points computation troubleshooting.
  • Printing the computer's fire record.
  • Printing the projectile design and recorded points.
  • User friendly operation.

Technical Specifications  

Application and Operation Specifications

  • May be used underwater up to one meter depth for half an hour .
  • Capable of operating for twelve hours continuously with no need to be charged.
  • Shatter, vibration, temperature and humidity proof based on MIL-STD-810F standard.
  • Non-sensitive to sound intensity.
  • High resolution in normal and heavy sunlight.
  • May be used in daytime or at night.
  • Capable of operating using two AA size batteries instead of using rechargeable battery (optional).
  • Upon costumer request, Global Positioning System (GPS) may be mounted.
  • Special military design carrying ease.

Hardware specifications
Processor :                      Intel-400MHZ
Memory :                         104MB
Flash Ram :                      128 MB
Weight :                          475gr (including waterproof cover)
Dimension :                      16.5× 9.5× 4.5 Cm

Gunneries list applicable
Gun -130mm / Gun 152 mm /
Gun 122 mm DC / - Gun 170 mm /
Gun 155 GHN - 45 mm /
Gun 155 IH-R2 - Gun  122 mm
VOZ- Rocket / Rocket 240 mm / Rocket 122 mm /
Rocket 333 mm