Airport Surveillance Radar
ASR is an S-band radar system used at airports to detect and display the position of aircraft in the terminal area. By means of ground controllers, this system is responsible for controlling and guiding aircrafts in air and on the ground. The primary goal of the system is to separate aircrafts in order to prevent their accidents, to organize and accelerate the air traffic flow, and to provide the necessary information for the pilot. In some countries, this system plays a shielding and defending goal as well. Other services of this system include providing information for pilot, atmospheric and navigation information, and NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen). This system is capable to detect and track aircrafts reliably at altitudes below 40,000 feet and up to 150 nautical miles in range.

*High reliability
*Continuous target tracing
*High stability
*High dynamic range
*Pulse compression with low side lobes
*MTD processor
*Two receiver channels
*Two beams polarized dual feed horn Csc2 antenna
*Automatic switching for best probability of detection
*ICAO compatibility