Automatic Vehicle Location in 3D Space, AVL3D

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Monitoring and Control systems have been one of the main tools of management. Optimizing using of resources has direct effect on reducing System cost and increasing whole system efficiency.
There are some systems which are using mobile resources such as vehicles, train, airplane and etc. knowing the last position of these vehicles in real-time with respect to operational environment such as terrain features are very important.
AVL3D system was designed and created for showing and managing spatial and environmental attributes of mobile units in 3D space.

System Architecture:

  • Mobile Unit
    Each Mobile unit has a GPS to get its geographic position and a Transmitter unit to send information to control center.
  • Communication link
    Information of each mobile unit should be send to control center via a communication link. Selection of proper link is depended to the distribution of movement area and requested response time of system.
    For example if area is large as one or some country we use GSM link and if system will be used in military environment we can use wireless link in UHF/VHF frequency.
  • Control Center
    All information of mobile unit will gather, control and show in control center. AVL3D software will be install in control center to show in online or offline mode the mobile unit position on the Map or 3d model of terrain.


  • Monitoring of emergency units
    Emergency center needs to know exact position of emergency vehicles to send the closest unit to accident position from the best path.
  • Monitoring of Police patrol
    Police center is a good candidate for installing AVL3D system. They can conduct the patrols during their missions.
  • Monitoring of Transit Vehicles
    Transporting company has very interest in controlling and monitoring their vehicles. Controlling the speed and the movement path of vehicles is possible with AVL3D system.
  • Monitoring Military unit in the Maneuvers or real combats
    May be the best suitable position of using AVL3D software is on maneuvers or real combat to monitor the movement of military unit. Showing the position of mobile units on 3D space has very important effect in making better decision
    in the real combat.

System Features:

  • Creating Multiple view
    We can have multiple independent view of environment each with different settings. For example in the above picture there are 4 views. Two of them are Map view and the others are 3D view with different zoom and pan settings. In each 3D view we can rotate the model for viewing from the desired viewpoint.
  • Showing the Mobile Unit Path
    We can show the path of each mobile unit in Map view and 3D View. In 3D View for the Vehicles like airplane it is possible to show shadow path on the earth.
  • Personal Monitoring
    We can use the system as a personal monitoring with connecting any standard GPS via Serial /USB port. GPS data can be logged with desired Interval.
  • Supporting 3D symbols
    Any 3D Symbols with 3DS, VRML, OpenFlight format and 2D symbols with BMP or EMF format can be set as the symbols of mobile units in Map View and 3D View. The Attribute of symbols like Size, Color, Rotation can be modified.
  • Showing Mobile Unit Information
    By selecting the mobile units, some information of them like position, heading and speed can be showed in Online or offline mode.

Other Features:

  • Using databases like Access, SqlServer or oracle.
  • Changing visibility of layers in map or 3D view.
  • Replaying saved tracking for analysis.
  • Defining static camera on the scene and switching between them during monitoring.
  • Automatic zooming and panning.

Development Environment: 
Operating System :                         Windows XP
Language :                                    C#
Database :                                     Access & Sqlserver
Platform :                                      Visual Studio .NET
SDK :                                            ArcObject Development Kit

Installation Procedure:

  • Install ArcGIS 9.0
    a. For preparing the Map and 3D Models you need to install ArcGIS Desktop 9.0
  • Install AVL3D from the Installation CD
    a. There is no limitation on the number of Mobile Unit
    b. Any database like Access and sqlsever can be select as the default database for storing and reading Mobile units information.

Supportting Issues:

  • One year free support.
  • Bug reporting and answering via Email