Aviator Night vision Goggle, ANG-86

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ANG-86 is an aviator’s night vision imaging system that consists of a binocular assembly, herein referred to as the binocular, a power (battery) pack, a carrying case, and ancillary equipment including a binocular holder (helmet mount), consisting of a mounting block which allows the binocular to be aligned and adjusted . The binocular consists of two monoculars and a holder. Each monocular consists of a body (monocular housing), an objective lens assembly, an image intensifier assembly and an eyepiece lens assembly. The holder provides each monocular to move sideways (interpupillary distance adjustment). The power pack includes two battery
compartments, each accepting two 1.5Vdc AA-size batteries in series. The power pack contains circuitry that monitors the voltage of the battery compartment in use and triggers a low battery indicator located in the binocular holder to blink when the batteries in that compartment approach end of life. The carrying/storage case provides protection for the binocular, power pack and ancillary equipment against conditions associated with carrying these items in the field environment and also damages a ssociated with transportation, handling and storage. It shall be used for best commercial practices.


  • Rugged military design to withstand the harshness of a military environment.
  • Two separate channels which enables the aviator to observe objects naturally without any fatigue.
  • Capability of mounting on standard helmet.
  • Equipped with minus blue filter to be compatible with blue lights in cockpit.
  • Adjusting capabilities in different directions:
    up-down, fore-aft, tilt and flip-flop.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy operation and maintenance. 

The aviator’s Night Vision Image System (ANG-86) is an image intensification system for use in military helicopters as the pilot’s vision aid during night time low level and nap-of-the-earth (NOE) flight.
The ANG-86 provides the imagery required for takeoff, landing, and hover as well as enroute flight at altitudes below 200 feet above ground level to include NOE at airspeeds up to 150 knots.
The exact speed and altitudes are environmentally dependent.

Technical Specifications:
Magnification :                       1x
Field of View :                       40 º 
Resolution :                          0.76 (cy/mr)
System Gain :                       2000 (fl/fl)
Vertical Adjustment :             16 mm
Fore and Aft Adjustment  :     16mm
Tilt Adjustment :                   8º
Weight :                              550 g
Objective Focal  length :        27mm
T-Number :                          1.35
F-number :                          1.23
Focusing Range :                  28 cm to

infinity Eyepiece Focal Length : 27mm
Diopter Adjustment :               +2 to -6 diopter
Interpupillary Adjustment :       55 to 71mm 
Eye Relief :                           25 mm
Operating Voltage :                2.7 to 3 Vdc
Battery Type :                      4× AA Batteries
Operation Temperature Range : -32ºC to +52ºC
Storage Temperature Range :    -35ºC to +71ºC
Humidity :                              95%
Image Intensifier Tube :           18 mm ,inverter
Generation :                           2nd or 3rd