Bulk Ciphering System, NED-4182

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General Description:
The Ned-4182 ciphering system guarantees secure data transmission in G.703 and G.704 standards.
This system supports the ATM, PCM and Frame Relay protocols. The NED-4182 cipher/decipher data in transmitting or receiving with rate of 2Mbits/s.
In the special model wich could be installed in rack, totally 8 cards could be installed in the system so 8x2Mbit/s data could be transferred. This system includes hardware and software locks for increasing security.  Low current consumption, capability of connecting to 220VAC or 48VDC, independence from cooling fan, special alarm in plain mode, etc are some of the features in the system.  
Main Features:

  • 75/ 120 Ohm Output Impedance
  • Reporting And Programming Via PC 
  • Supporting G.703 and G.704 Standards
  • Emergency Clear  
  • Using New Ciphering Algorithm According To User Demand
  • Independent Code For Each Communication In E1 (PCM) Mode, For Increasing Security
  • Upgrading Via Software
  • Applying In Various Switches With PCM, Frame Relay, ATM,etc Standards
  • Automatic Detection Of The Ciphering System In the Other Side and  Automatic Switching TO Cipher Mode  

Technical Specifications:

System Type :                               ciphering system for E1 2Mbit links
Ciphering method :                       digital
Input/output impedance :              75 and 120 Ohm
Ciphering Algorithem Specification:
Type of algorithm:                         Stream or block ciphering
Non-linear and non recursive
Resistance against correlation attacks
Code Key:
Communication key length :         256 bit
Number of key sets :                     1024 sets of 256 bit
Number of key banks :                  one 32KB or two 16KB
Input voltage :                                     220 VAC/48VDC
Power consumption :                          Less than 5W
Operating temperature range :     0°C ~ +55°C
Storage temperature range :         -10°C ~ +70°C
Humidity :                                      Commercial standards 
Vibration :                                      Commercial standards 
Dimensions (WDH)  
     Desktop model :                             18x13x5 cm  
     Rack mounted :                              25x100x160 cm
Weight :   
     Desktop model :                             less than 1Kg   
     Rack mounted :                              less than 350 gr