The CAC-910 system is designed for centralizing the commanding proportional to operating missions for transmitting voice, image and data. This system includes two propagating and non-propagating sections. The propagating section which is mounted on a remoke is separated from the system to safe the system and operators and the two sections are connected via fiber optic or pair wire. The non-propagating section could be extended from the sides to increase the internal space.



Technical features

• Monitoring console for receiving radar information

• Monitoring console for displaying UAV’s controlling information

• Weather forecasting and AFTN system

• Video conference system

• Various radio communication layers

• 15GHz LOS radio

• ICS tactical voice remote system

• Power dispatcher and UPS systems

• Power generator

• Connecting to radio, cable, Ethernet and fiber optic interfaces

• 4.4-5 GHz LOS radio with 1+1 structure and capacity of 16E1

• Equipped with E1 encryption

• Voice recording system

• Telephone switching center

• GSM to PSTN convertor

• Extendable from the sides

• Solar supply system