The integrated Command & Control Geographical Information System (C2 GIS) ، is a Software Infrastructure for sharing Geographical-Based Information between Users.
One of the most issues in applying the Geographical Information systems in a large Scale Enterprise in a Secure and Restricted environment is Sharing and Exchanging Data between Users with regard to The Authority and Authentication Consideration.
In this Software we solve the Problem of Sharing and Exchanging Geographical -Based Data between Users with regard to All Aspect of consideration. The result is increasing of quality of service at C2 Domain.

GIS Goals
Appling the Software could be reach the following Goals:
*Establishing an Secure and Restricted area for sharing and utilize the
*GeoBased information
*Reducing the Access Time to GeoBased Information
*Provide services to other GIS systems based on OGC standard
*Enhance safety and assist commanders in decision making
*Design and implementation of a software infrastructure for integration, spatial
*data sharing and service providing.
*The Ability to use Map automation in the entire network of the armed forces
*between the spatial data C4I users

*Facilitate the exchange, integration and use of location information
*GIS meets the needs of each user
*collecting and processing the location data fast
*allows Users Access to the Right Data and GeoBased data Based on their Authority and Access Level at Any Client
*Any GIS user can be access to the owned or shared Map Workspaces in System