Central Information Processing System

ISIRAN Co. approach toward WMO Information System ( WIS) is largely based on its current modernization project (MITD), through the implementation of modern data management systems. In order to face new upcoming WMO evolutions and more particularly the WIS, MESSIR-COMM Central Information Processing System and MESSIR-CLIM Climate Data Management System have been adopted in the first stage, which also form a comprehensive and fully customized meteorological information system to serve ISIRAN needs on daily basis for the upcoming years.

In order to streamline the daily production of weather products, ISIRAN has chosen a Meteorological Central Database and Processing System powered by the MESSIR-COMM system from the French company COROBOR Systems. The main objective of MESSIR-COMM CIPS is to provide a unified operational database gathering all the meteorological products collected from various sources (International, domestic, satellite, radar…) as well as the added value of meteorological products by ISIRAN experts.


ISIRAN Central Information and Processing System is based on high tech servers, Linux OS and PostgreSQL database management system.

Availability and long term archiving:
For high availability purpose, each of the components of MESSIR-COMM CIPS is implemented as a failover cluster including 2 identical servers synchronized through a dedicated heart beat LAN. In case of failure of the first server, the stand-by pilot carry on with data ingestion and processing as well as with data request processing.
To increase the data overall resilience, MESSIR-COMM CIPS storage space consists of SAN with capacity of 9 TB with RAID mirroring.

Hierarchical Storage Management)(HSM )is implemented in order to automatically move old data to the long term database whilst access to data, whenever it is new(in the operational database) or old (in the long term database) is transparent to the requesting user, thanks to MESSIR-COMM Access Layer.


With MESSIR-COMM CIPS system, ICI benefits now from:

-Real time data acquisition, long term archiving and a secured backup and retrieval mechanism
-Efficient decoding, preprocessing, quality control of the received data
-Metadata management
-RDBMS for real time management of all meteorological data types (conventional, non conventional observation data, radar and satellite products, NWP output data…)

-Development facility and framework
-Operational task scheduler for automated and flexible workflow (ImageMaker)
-Unique tools to be able to provide an efficient services to end-users
-Unique access layer for both operational and archive data
-An important step to be Data Collection and Production System (a DCPC ) in the WIS framework
-Data provision to forecasters using MESSIR-VISION graphical User Interface to provide received data and computed products to other ICI IT solutions

-Provision of dedicated processing and storage capacity and test environment for researchers

With MESSIR-VISION Forecasters can produce all type of meteorological products through transparent access to ODB and LDB. These products consist of:
-TEXT: Bulletin, Report
-CHART: Plotting, Time series, Vertical profiles,
-Models: Model Products
-Satellite/RADAR: Satellite products, RADAR products
-Others: Overlays, Animations