- Providing fast reaction to the Cyber threatened parts.

- Behavioral analysis of Networks doubtful files.

- Transferring doubtful files to main laboratories in a secure way.

- Fast incident analysis, just at place of work, according to current situ­ation of the network.

- Incident limitation for assessment and finding problems by the Car fa­cilities.

- Mobile data recovery equipment for critical situation.

- Connecting to threatened networks, Assessment of traffic and network situation, Incident assessment at place of work.

- Audio, Visual and Data communication with other Computer Emergen­cy Response centers.

Computer Emergency Car, is a mobile laboratory which is well-equipped with basic equipment and is capable to give a pack of emergency services to special expert .It provides communication links with the main Computer Emergency Response Laborato­ries. The Car gives Cyber & Computer Emergency to organizations which are threatened or faced Cyber-attacks.


- Voice channel with CERT Car experts (GSM, Wire­less, VHF & HYT)

- Data Network Connectivity Devices

- Internet via WIMAX

- Internal LAN

- NAS Storage

- Power supply (UPS, Battery, Charger)