Chaff Cardboard Cartridge, CCC40MM

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The CCC40MM is a naval chaff cartridge and forms part of a defensive aids system to protect a group shipborne from radar guided threats by providing an expandable chaff payload as a suitable alternative and preferred target or decoy.
The purpose of the decoy is seducing the radar guided missile away frome the intended target such that is passes the target ship by an effective miss distance. Frequency cuts can be provided to suit ships.
CCC40MM is fast blooming and fitted for all weather conditions.


Caliber:                                 40mm
Lengtht:                                365mm
Weight:                                 525±10gr
Body material:                        Cardboard


Delay time to start blooming :    1.7 ± 0.2 sec
Minimum fast blooming time:      atleast 1 sec
Bloomign height :                    40-80m
Duration in space :                 ≥2min
Cover frequency :                   According to customer wish
Radar cross section per group(RCS): 1200 m²
Firing voltage :                      ≥2 v
Firing current :                      ≥800 mA
Safe current :                       ≤200 mA
Group ejection bullet :            Under the launcher
Shelflife :                             5 years
Exposure temperature :          -40°c to +71°c
Storage temperature :           -20°c to + 60°c
Standard :                           MIL - STD - 810E

Cartridge Box:
Water proof, salt fog proof and moisture resistance
Material :                             special P. V.C
Qty Packed :                        9 Chaff cartridges + one ejection cartridge
Gross weight :                       11 kg
Dimentions :                          200 DIAx455mm

Wooden Box:
Qty Packed :                         36 Chaff cartridges + 4 ejection cartridges
Gross Weight :                      61.5 ± 1KG
Dimentions :                          550 x 540 x 550mm