Computer Emergency Response Team CERT

Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are expert groups that handle computer security incidents. Alternative names for such groups include “Computer Emergency Readiness Team” and “Computer Security Incident Response Team” (CSIRT).

The role of CERTs seem inevitable because of Threats and Security Flaws that threatened organizations nowadays, such groups are pointing out the task of handling computer security incidents instead of other tech support work.

The history of CERTs is linked to the very existence of malware, especially computer worms and viruses. Whenever a new technology arrives, its misuse is not long in following. With the massive growth in the use of information and communications technologies over the subsequent years the now-generic term “CERT” / “CSIRT” refers to an essential part of most large organizations structures.

So CERTs are groups that formed to study internet security vulnerabilities, and provide assistance to online sites that become victims of cracker or hacker attacks. They ensure the provision of essential services by identification, limiting and preventing the possible dam­ages



CERT Units:

- Informatics Unit

- Training Unit

- Website Unit

- Alarming and Warning Unit

- Call Center

- Security Operations Center

- Triage Unit

- Response Unit

- Data Destruction Unit