Cryptophone Software, DES-1152

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Cryptophone Software, DES-1152 Nowadays, telephone is the most popular communication media in the world.
However, since voice signals pass through the public switched telephone network, phone conversation and data transfer via telephone lines are strongly vulnerable to various threats such as eavesdropping and fabricating by illegal entities.
DES-1152(Secure Audio & Data) is a PC-based cryptophone software for protecting the phone conversation and data transfer. Using strong cryptographic mechanisms, DE8-l152 is capable of providing secure channels for confidential and authenticated speech and data communication.
DES-1152 acts as a real time and full duplex system and transfers the compressed and encrypted speech signals to the destination by means of standard modems. Since the speech compression rate is automatically adjusted according to the modem transfer rate, the highest possible speech quality is provided by the software. DES-1152 is able to securely transfer files as well.

Technical Specifications:

  • Secure voice conversation
  • Secure file transfer
  • iei native algorithm (or any ordered by customer)
  • Real time speech with high quality for transfer rate of 2400 bps or higher
  • Supporting voice chat for less than 2400 bps transfer rate
  • Employing MELP and GSM-AMR vocoders
  • Automatic responder identification and selection of the corresponding key
  • Secure storage of cryptographic key files
  • User management, auditing and voice recording
  • Compatible with DES-1331 secure mobile phone
  • Executable in Win98, Win2000 and Win XP operating systems