Customized EW Command Control

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System solution
This system is advanced EW system designed to intercept, monitor, analyze.record.and implement direction finding and position finding of narrow band/wide band signals form 1 MHZ to 3 GHZ to acquire strategic /tactical knowledge and information of enemy’s activities.
In addition to monitoring and direction finding this system has also the ability to jam communication signals in the frequency range of 20 to 500 MHZ.
The whole cell is equipped with an Electronic warfare Operation center (EWOC) which controls and manages Radio Monitoring systems, three direction finder stations (DFs) and three jammer command centers. Each DF finds the position of targets in their assigned area and each of jammer control centers control their related jammer vehicles through microwave links.
The system provides remote control operating and GIS capabilities.
Several types of antenna are used depending on the operation of each subsystem such as dipole and whip passive antenna in jamming system, Omni directional and 8 active crossed loop antennas in radio monitoring and direction finding system.
An important advantage of this system is a network which is used for controlling and managing total system by EWOC. Communication between jammers command center (JCC) and jammer vehicles are through microwave links and the network media for other equipments can be fiber optic or existing Communication backbone (ISDN lines ) which should be prepared by the customer.