Customized Marine Navigation

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Total solution
Marine Navigation solution is composed of the following integrated subsystem Navigation:

  • Navigation Radar with chart
  • Gyro compass
  • Magnetic Digital compass
  • Total weather station
  • Satellite positioning systems (GPS/DGPS/GLONASS)
  • EM/Speed LOG
  • Echo sounder

SEAROUGH Monitoring & Management system
Navigation information Management and Display system Comprising the following modules:

  • Relative & true motion display
  • Navigation safety
  • Manual update of chart
  • WGS-84 Datum

Digital Maneuvering Board

  • Motion Analysis
  • Contact passing
  • Intercept
    • change position
    • Formation problems
    • Wind problems
    • Miscellaneous

Integrated plotting system

  • Additional Military Layers
  • Data assigned to multiple layers
  • Ease of display and information Management 
  • Weapon/sensor Zones and Blind arcs
  • Measuring and Drawing tools
  • Military and Cartesian grids.