Data center and Network

ISIRAN Co. specialist are capable analyze situation, plan, construct and implement suitable data center to meet customer requirement properly. Training and maintenance also are the important services that are going offer to customers as they are needed so on. A network is a group of interconnected computers in many different and various types and configurations and a data Center as an inseparable part of todays networks , is a set of servers, communication/security infrastructures and electronic equipment is to provide maintenance and support services network (Internet/Intranet/Extranet).

Purposes of Building network and Data Center

*Network is a small or large number of computer systems which are interconnected and provides us with working links,better management, higher level of efficiency, more performance, (if well designed and configured) more security, more convenience and … .
*Is a facility that provides us with a secure place to maintain our computers, storage equipment and network devices so it is a complex that can provide uninterruptible power supply for our sensitive devices. It is a place to controlled environmental conditions for our equipment. Also it is a facility which can provide us with needed links for internal or external connections.

Data Center Layers

*Layer1: Physical Infrastructure (BMS ,powering ,cooling, fire & Fighting ,EMI/EMP, Access Control, Lighting,…)
*Layer2: Data & Storage Networks
*Layer3: Hardware Servers & Storages(virtual platform)
*Layer4: Operating Systems
*Layer5: Data Base
*Layer6: Applications
*Layer7: Monitoring and Management