Data Diode

The need to isolate networks to prevent the accidental leakage of data is critical for many organization such as nuclear power plants, military organizations, electric power generation and distribution industries and intelligence and civilian government agencies. Some­times they are kept isolated to be kept safe. However there are times when certain information has to be sent into, or out of, such networks. In such cases, a data diode can be useful.

Unidirectional security gateway or Data Diode is a network appliance allowing data to travel only in one direction, used in guaranteeing information security. Data diode connects two networks of different security levels and allows information to be sent to the more secure network without the risk of information leakage.

Our Data diode can be used in many different customer scenarios. Our team can provide you with appropriate type of Data Diode.



Key features of data diode:

- Guaranteed unidirectional communication through hardware separation to protect your assets and your secrets

- Secure, reliable information sharing with complete protection against data leakage

- Eliminate costly data validation processes

Increase organizational efficiency