Document Management System (DMS) involves the migration of paper and electronic documents onto an electronic storage medium and the ability to manage and easily retrieve the information according to agreed access rights.


DMS Goals
-Integrity and management any documents
-Categorized and organized documents (tag & profiling)
-Advance and full-text search
-Document long time maintenance
-Access controlling
-Sharing documents
-Web based viewing documents independent to special program (over 500 file format)
-Implementation DMS domain standard
-Integrity with other application like office automation

DMS 5 Basic Components
Bringing in Documents
   • Scanning paper files and prepare electronic Files
Indexing Documents
   • Index fields, Folder/File structures
   • Document profiling and Metadata (ISO IEC 82045)
Storing Documents
   • Save document on storage devices like Hard Drives, Magneto Optical Storage,
Compact Disk, DVD, …
Retrieving Documents
   • Advance search (search on metadata and keyword)
   • Full-text search (with OCR module)
Controlling Access on Documents
   • 3 Layer access control (User, Roles, Action)
   • Control user accessibility through the web

-Web & JAVA based and Independent to any special Database
-Arabic, Persian and Latin OCR
-Indexing and create metadata for documents according to IEC 82045
-Advance and full text search
-Categorize, tagging, annotation on documents
-Integrity with other application base on WSDL,Rest, …
-Version Controlling
-Web based Scanning
-3 tier access controlling
-Web base document viewing independent to any special program or driver
-Ability to present documents on FAQ,e Forum and Portal

ISIRAN Services in DMS Domain
-Consultant Services
-Analyze and Design DMS System
-Security Certification
-Training & Documentary
-Supporting Services