Exporter´s Comment


In summer1989,a M.o.D international relation department was instructed to form a centre for ordnance export activities. In a very short time several highly commercially specialist officers were recruited to take up the job which soon followed by few foreign contracts.

The Centre soon received defence minister’s special blessing to introduce the defensive products more to the potential customers and expand marketing activity globally . Export Centre as a result pioneered the unprecedented commercial sales of military equipment and hardware made in Iran, the move in which was welcomed by all military producers and organizations in the Islamic Republic.

After 24 years of credible reputation, this M.o.D´s exporting entity has arrived to the point that can proudly announce undeniable unique role in formation of military relation and export of arms and equipment to as many as 35 countries in four continents.

In 1992¸other M.o.D´s producing organizations were encouraged to enter into the marketing arena and export their own military products independently. The supreme Export Council chaired by the honourable minister himself was then established to lead the export promotion and legislate the required laws on arms sales¸ supervise the activities and their conformity to the prevailing UN resolutions and arms control policies.The councils initial members were the Defence Minister¸ Vice Defence Minister, Deputy Defence Minister for Logistics¸ Chief of Export Centre and the Chairman of the Defence Industries Organization . Today the number of the council’s permanent member has increased into ten.The council formed a technical committee chaired by the Deputy Defence Minister for Logistics who is responsible for all military exports and permissions.
The Iranian Ministry of Defence, like all other producers and military exporters, shortly considered the importance of publicity and showing the global audience its achievements. Therefore next to advertising in prime international military magazines, it participates regularly and periodically in a few of the main international military exhibitions.

One of the advertising mean was to publish and provide enough technical literature so to satisfy the recipients.Though taking the above into consideration , in 2002 the idea of publishing a workable, technical and comprehensive defence product book came into light, a hectic, important but worthy task.Literally Export Centre managed to show successfully the first edition not sooner than the year 2005, then the 2006/07 and the 2008/09 version. presently the new 2013-2016 issue contains a variety of Iranian manufactured items with several new chapters, one consists of 12 sections, under the title of “transfer of technology” and the other provides good information on the history of arms manufacturing in Iran.We have also introduced in this collection, a military manufactured coding system known as product Identification Code ( PIC), help to recognize the products by referring to the codes. The technical tolerances are constantly reviewed, needless to say, the data necessarily subject to change without notice.
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