Filtering System, NSD

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iei delivers  various filtering solutions with different levels of performance and various grades of sophistication depending on the customer's needs.These filters might be standalone or an array of fault tolerant devices with or without load balancing. The standalone filter is a customized and tuned up UNIX ® box with filter software installed.
Two or more filter boxes might be configured to handle. A distributed load, filter boxes are designed to handel 20, and 50, 100 and 200 mbps upstream speeds. There is a software- only version of filter which could be installed on a computer. This software version of filter is referred to as NSD-1523. Some mostly general features of the filter are as follows.


  • VMC (visual management console) web based gul for configuration
  • Full command line control on console or via SSH
  • Full accesses to system and filter statistical via CLI
  • Integrated high speed DBMS to keep black lists
  • On the fly and live database manipulation
  • Highly flexible control commands to setup filtering mechanism based on the environment
  • Full SNMP support to display frequencies of database access , packets seen, and lots seen, and lots of other values
  • Statistical log analysis tool to show the percentage of filtered sites and performance of the system and much more
  • TCP connection filtering based on destination source IP and/or port
  • Keyword based filtering with multiple encodings: windows -1256, Unicode.UTF-8
  • Automatic and regular database updating
  • Detecting HTTP on all TCP ports
  • Optical user feedback collection system
  • Sub-URL filtering to block (e.g.Googel cache)