The Position Finder System is a new and modern system for military applications. This “PF” system is able to recognize and find the exact place and position of many kinds of stations and transmitters such as: enemy transmitters (narrow bands or Hopping), legal or illegal transmitters, aviation & navigation aerials (First-Aid-Stations) and jammer systems.The method used for finding position is “Triangulation method Several direction finders can be combined to form a DF network, where the direction finders scan a specific frequency range continuously. The systems can synchronously and automatically pre-classify transmitters of interest. All located transmitter sites are automatically displayed on a digital map.


- Key features of data diode:

- Stateful filtering

- Ability to work in high bandwidth with high performance

- Traffic shaper

- User authentication

- Online & offline report

- Link balancer

- Load balancer

- Link aggregation

- Dynamic routing and robust routing engine

- HTTP proxy

- ARP proxy

- Status discovery

- Web filter…