Flight Data Recorders (FDR) & Cockpit Voice Recorder, (CVR)

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The purpose of an airplane flight data recorder system is to collect and record data and important parameters from a variety of airplane sensors on to a medium designed to survive an accident.

About Flight Data Recorder (FDR), IEI Co.
capabilities are as follows:

  1. Providing Flight Data Recorder Reading System (FDRR)
    The FRRS system replays data from various types of FDR and copies it to a computer hard disk, allowing rapid data analysis for safety and maintenance purposes. IEI CO. provides very compact FDRR system which is compatible with MIG29, Su24 and …
  2. Upgrading Flight Data Recorder System
  • Up-date your original analogue FDR system to new digital standard: Solid State Flight Data
  • Recorder instead of old one with magnetic tape. Repair and maintenance of flight data recorder. 

3.   Supplying the components of Flight Data Recorder system

4.   Design and installation of FDR system and the necessary sensors on the aircrafts and helicopters that are lack of this system.