Geospatial Information System

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Product Representation:
Increasing requirements of GIS based systems' users and customers from day to day, Consists a large range of requests that should be met by GIS experts.
After generating several software systems like sGIS, AVL3D and mGIS successfully, isiran has started planning and applying isiGIS inland engine to make a common ground for all developers of practical programs who are going to generate GIS based programs.
isiGIS engine is a powerful Software development tool (SDK) for managing ,analyzing and displaying geospatial data.

isiGIS SDK users:

  • All software systems developers
    • GIS programmers
    • practical program planners
  • interested organizations
    • military forces
    • disciplinary forces of Islamic republic of Iran
    • ministry of Interior
    • municipality
    • geographical organization
    • ministry of Roads and Transportation
    • cartography organizationisi

GIS SDK architecture:
isiGISSDK is a basic platform for producing geographical applications  systems. Its architecture is component-based.Using this kind of architecture will cause benefits mentioned below:

  • Managing complications of developing GIS System will be easy.
  • Reusability of components can be possible in different parts.   
  • Decreasing dependency of component  
  • Systems problems will remain local and positional in the limitation of components so can be easily identified and be corrected 

isiGIS includes some packages that gives a perfect various collection of geographical controls and tools to it's users in the format of DLL.

Main capabilities:

  • Zoom and pan operation
  • Features labeling
  • Read Style Layer Descriptor file to symbolized.
  • Measuring distance
  • Geometric operations: Buffer, Difference, Convex Hull, Disjoint,Touches, Crosses, Contains, Distance , Overlaps.
  • Geoprocessing operations on layers:Merge, Clip, Intersect, Union, Dissolve.
  • Use different methods to display geographic data.
  • Reading and saving layer's data from/to Access and SQL Server database
  • Rich Suite of Data Editing
  • Defining, assigning and converting all kinds of spatial Reference.