Over- the- Horizon surface wave radar

The High Frequency (HF) radar (3-30MHz, deca-metric wave radar) has been proposed and applied in some specific fields such as surveillance over the sea due to the unique property that its EM radiation can propagate beyond the horizon. This is achieved either by a surface wave diffraction around the curvature of the earth, (ground or surface wave radar) or by sky wave refracted by the ionosphere layers (sky wave radar). By this means the HF radar can sense far beyond the line of sight, and typically the range of surface wave HF radar can be extended to the order of 400 km. HFSWR has been applied to monitor ships and aircrafts within the 200 nm Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

*The range of the radar station is not limited to the horizon.
*Automatic determination of the coordinates of detected sea and air objects.
*Automatic determination of moving parameters and the type of object.
*Generation and transmission of information on tracking objects to end-users for operational decision-making.
*Delivery of detected targets information for mobile forces and weapon fire system for targeting.
*Analysis of clutter and the physical conditions of sea surface within the zone of responsibility
*It provides all-weathers, surveillances of sea and air objects.
*There is no range reduction for STEALTH vessels/aircrafts.
*Anti ARM Radar.