Infantry Field Wire

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Infantry Field Wire
MIL-C-13294C (Type WD-1 /TT)
MIL-C-49104C (Type WD-1 (A)/TT)


  • This product mainly employed for military guard telephone wires and other electrical applications, and it has the
  • following usage & advantages.
  • High mechanical strength makes installation and withdrawal easy.
  • Excellent weather-resistancy.
  • Using as cable for military wire communication.
  • Temporary usage as cable in mountainous and dangerous area.
  • Capability of using in bad condition of severe cold or intense heat.
  • Easy temporary setup by solely man power or equipments.
  • Possible to use for combined operations or other cooperative operations

Construction & Materials:
The conductor composed of 4 strands of 0.28 mm tinned soft copper wire and 3 strands of 0.28 mm galvanized steel wire. Each conductor is insulated uniformly with a tight, well-centered, black colored polyethylene. The minimum wall thickness at any point is not less than 0.36 mm and insulated conductor (in WD/TT kind) is covered with heat and light stabilized polyamide (jacket)  providing a smooth Continuous tight-fitting covering that adhesive to polyethilene to prevent diffusion of any water or humidity. The minimum wall thickness of polyamide at any point is not less than 0.10mm and average overall diameter of the jacketed single conductor is not more than 2.2mm.