Passive Infrared Search Systems
Todays, Active defense systems and electromagnetic radars are detectable and attacked by jammers. IRSS-I 3 is a passive Infrared Search system to detect planes, missiles and helicopters.Mission of this system is detection of flying targets without sending electromagnetic waves, which makes it difficult to be detected by enemies. The system searches for flying objects then reports its position to control panel.

* Passive detection of flying objects.
* High rotation rate : 360º/s
* Sending azimuth and elevation coordinates to firing control systems.
* Day/Night operation.
* Electromagnetic jamming resistance.
* Installable on high towers
* Panoramic image display (360º view)
* horizontal searching view: 360º
* vertical searching view: 13.5º
* Connection to a Weapon Control Chain
* Detection range in the normal atmosphere:
* Cruise missiles 15 km
* Helicopter 20 km
* Fighter 40 km