ISI-CDA-5 CDA (commander digital assistant)

The ISI-CDA-5 is a 4.3" industrial commander digital assistant pc for applications such as command & control ,transportation ,fire Control, police, factory maintenance , warehousing , field service or other military and emergency services. The rugged design of ISI-CDA-5 resists shock and vibration to safeguard data while on move. The whole ISI-CDA-5 chassis Is fully sealed per IP 54 ratings to prevent water and dust damage in outdoor applications. In addition the built-in WLAN, Bluetooth and GSM/ GPRS/3G modules facilitate data transfer and communications.

Powerful system
The ISI-CDA-5 commander digital assistant is capable of running demanding applications on embedded systems like Command & control applications, handling battlefield directive
systems such as fire control, radar directive systems, Health Care and so on.

Built-in applications
The ISI-CDA-5 commander digital assistant is equipped with basic built-in applications like transferring Data, SMS, pictures, Data recording, web surfing and some spread sheet applications.

The ISI-CDA-5 is EMI/EMC compatible and is fully sealed per IP 54 rating for dust water and shock preventing. (Mil-std810)