ISIRAN Total Business Solution

Datacenter, Hardware, Network, Applications, Education
ISIRAN total business solution presents these integrated services that honorable customer could be select according to their requirements, circumstance and budgets.

Step 1: Implementation Datacenter & Servers room
-Analyze customer requirements and Design datacenter
-Hardware preparation (building, floor, roof, cooler, RAC, server, Storage, Fire equipment, network equipment like cable, switch, router, encoder, decoder, firewall, CCTV and monitoring equipment, security and control equipment like biometric sensors, ID card, power supply and cabling and any needed hardware or equipment)
-Datacenter structure, passive services, … implementation
-Datacenter active services, RACs, server, OS, security…
-Datacenter network connection, cabling …
-Datacenter backup and restore consideration
-Datacenter replication and mirroring implementation (if needed)

Step 2: Software installation
-Install software (like ERP, DMS, Office Automation …) on application server (on datacenter servers or exclusive and independent servers)
-Install and startup Database server and connect to application
-ESB startup and integration (if needed)
-Security setting (if needed)
-Software preparation (setting, configuration and customer data entry)

Step 3: Network (client’s connection to servers)
-Public Network setting (MPLS, E1 …) for clients access to servers (any type)
-WAN setting (for public cloud) or LAN setting (in one organization domain)
-Network cabling in clients domain
-Networks hardware setting (switches, routers, firewalls, encoders, hubs, PSTN … )

Step 4: Clients configuration
-Clients computer preparation and setting (install OS, JRE, browser …)
-Clients address and connection to server setting
-Deliver web application to clients and define user accounts

Step 5: Training Course
-Present training courses for users and administrations (Learning & Education)
-Present user guide and education documents