L Band Jammer, LBJ-50 & LBJ-200

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LBJ-50,200 is designed and manufactured to provide jamming n 1GHz~ 2 GHz.
This system provides jamming on inmarsat, THURAYA, iridium satellite telephones and satellite receivers and navigation networks (GPS, GLONASS).
Central controller controls power, frequency and all functions of the system.
This system is equipped with a remote control.


Technical capabilities:

  • Capatbility jamming in GPS,GLONASS, Inmarsat, Iridium, THURAYA satellite telephones
  • Adjustable output power
  • Capability of using as a base station and mobile station
  • Capability of remote control and networking
  • Available in two models with 50, 200W   

Technical Specifications:
Frequency range :                     1~2GHz  
Output power :                          50,200W
Jamming mode :                         single, multi tones, barrage for 
                                                  GPS, GLONASS sweep and 
                                                  special algorithm for satellite
Jamming on :                             military and commercial GPS GLONASS receiver satellite telephone
Keyboard :                                touchpad standard 101 key
Control unit :                             Pentium II  industrial computer
Monitor :                                    6.2 inch LCD
Hard disk :                                 250MB disk on chip
Power supply :                          220 AC
Max permanent  operating :     5 hours P1dB
MTBF:                                        800 hours
MTTR :                                       30 minutes
Antenna type :                          directional helix
Antenna gain :                          9dBi
Antenna polarization :               circular clockwise
Temperature :                           operating: -5ºC to +50ºC
                                                 storage : -30ºC ~ +70ºC
Rack size :                                19” and height 15 units
Humidity :                                 90%@40ºC
Weight :                                   85,100 Kg (depend on output power)

GPSJ-12 has been designed and produced to suppress the navigation of GPS receivers in L1 and L2 band. It has coverage over 60 Km at minimum 35º in line of sight (LOS) area.
Antenna type is directional helix with rightward circular polarization or omni directional and out put power is 12 watt. Input power supply should be 220VAC or 12 VDC. It can be installed various towers. The direct of jamming is adjustable via special tower base fixture.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Jamming on military and commercial GPS receivers
  • Jamming on military band P(Y) and commercialband C/A Simultaneously
  • Jamming on C/A code only or jamming on P(Y) only
  • Outdoor installation     
  • Tactical / base station installation and usage  
  • Rainproof


Technical Specifications:
Central jamming frequency :                  L1: 1575.42MHz(Commercial) 
                                                              L2: 1227.6 MHz(Military)
                                                              12 W in single band or
Output power :                                      (6 W for double band jamming mode)
Effective jamming range :                       60 Km in LOS
Band width of modulation signal:           L1: 2MHz, 20MHz  L2: 20MHz
Antenna type :                                       Helix with right ward circular 
                                                              polarization or omni directional 
Antenna gain :                                       10dBi
Antenna beam width :                           min. 35º
Wind resistance :                                  100 Km/h
Dimension of antenna (L*diameter):     45cm * 9cm
Power supply :                                      220VAC 50Hz or 12VDC
Power consumption :                             85W
Efficiency :                                              15%
MTBF :                                                    over 1000 hours
Continuous operation :                          minimum 8 hours continuously
Temperature :                                        operating: -5ºC to +50ºC
                                                              storage: -30ºC ~ 70 ºC
Humidity :                                              90%@40ºC
Dimension (HxWxL)cm :                         19x35x83(with antenna)
                                                              19x33x 38(without antenna)
Weight :                                                10 Kg(without cable and install base)