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IOI uses different labs with modern equipment under SO / IEC / 17025 standards

environmental test laboratory
Performing environmental test of parts and systems such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, salt spray, immersion, vibration, dropping
Optic laboratory
Measuring and testing the parameters of optical elements such as refractive index, focal length, radius of curvature surface quality, form error, parallelism, centering error, angles, pyramidal error, reflective and transmission spectrum of optical surface and calibration angle gagc block.
Optical performance laboratories
Measuring, testing and optical performance of electro-optical systems such as modulation transfer function (MTF), resolution, distortion, transmission,veiling glare, astigmatism, magnification, parallax, eye reliet, exit pupil, diopter and calibration dioptermeter.
Electro optic and laser laboratories
Analysing digital systems, testing RF systems, noise measuring, optoelectronic circuit, effective focal length, back and front focal length, pulse laser energy, continuous laser power measurments.
Mechanical laboratory
Measuring and quality control of mechanical parts and fishing operation & hardness measurment of metals.