Mail Server

Dependency of organizations on electronic platform and communication systems is increasing with great acceleration.

Comprehensive communication system –TOKA- is the next generation of enterprise collaboration solution and integrated communica­tion systems. The software feature set has been provided by web interface or by email client software such as Outlook or Thunderbird .This product has all facilities of similar products such as Microsoft Exchange and can replace them easily.


- Flexible and advanced architecture due to the volume of organization’s communication

- The possibility of migration from other systems such as Postfix, Qmail, Exchange etc.

- Full security for e-mails

- Fast and secure core with high speed operation, multi-layered and scalable architecture and management capabilities

- User-friendly and advanced web interface

- Outgoing mail filter

- Self-service recovery of email that are hard deleted from the trash folder

- Full search capability

- Calendar with meeting management capability