Military Geographic Information System 3D-mGIS

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After implementing lots of GIS applications using foreign softwares, and due to lack of a national GIS to be used in different cases (especially military ones), which could be easily supported and further developed in the Country, lEI decided to initiate the "military GIS" in 1999. It was to cope with a wide range of usages based on GIS solutions and to provide a proper engine for future rapid developments. mGIS supports both the 2D and 3D environments and has been developed in Visual C++ running on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Me and 98.

mGIS Major Capabilities:

  • Importing vector maps.
  • Importing satellite images.
  • Importing OEM images.
  • Semi.Automated map digitizing.
  • Making annotations on maps.
  • Exporting data to DXF, VRML, Direct, BMP.
  • Connecting to all databases (supported by ADO).
  • Generating 3D-models.
  • Slope & Height Zonings.
  • Generating photo-maps.
  • Generating Profiles.
  • Viewshed Analysis.
  • Watershed Analysis.
  • Snowmelt Analysis.
  • Network Analysis.
  • Polygon Analysis.
  • Raal-scale-bar window.
  • Generating 3D lakes.
  • Querying in map layers.
  • Calculating distance, surface & volume.
  • Raster & Vector Rectification.
  • Geo-referenced culling of raster & vector.
  • Mosaicing raster & vector data.
  • Linking maps vertically.
  • Filtering images.
  • Color-layering images.
  • Change-detection tool with morph approach.
  • On-line lens on images.
  • Merging images with different resolutions. (Data Fusion)
  • IMAGINE 3D tool.
  • Making FLy-through animations.
  • On-line FLy-through.
  • Programming in mPL (mGIS Programming Language).