Network Security Gateway, NED-2121

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Internet, as a public and widespread network, is rapidly progressing in the world. This is where its technical properties and non-private nature of Internet reduce the chance of using it as a secure network for some activities, including commercial and sensitive data interchange.
NED-2121, as a security gateway, provides services in order to protect the supervised network as well as making secure internet work connections. Taking advantages of IPSec and IKE standard  protocols, NED-2121 is able to establish secure tunnels among private networks connected to the Internet or other public networks to securely interchange information
packets (VPN Service).
Moreover, NED-2121 provides intrusion detection and also firewall services. It controls the network traffic according to its firewall security policy and detects hacking attack signatures as well as anyunusual modification in the gateway system configuration.
NED-2121 security gateway is deployed transparently in the network. It can he securely controlled from any host in the network using a web based management console.

Technical Specifications:

  • Supporting IPSec protocols (AH, ESP)
  • Using strong encryption algorithms including3DES, AES and proprietary algorithms
  • Manual and automatic key management based on the IKE protocol
  • Interoperability with Windows 2000 and XP as tunneling endpoints
  • Supporting firewall
  • Equipped with host and network-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS and NIDS)
  • Management, alert classification, generating reports and drawing various kinds of statistical diagrams
  • Secure management and configuration of the system using a web-based management console from any node of the network