Night Vision Sights, NVS700 / NVS800 / NVS900

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NVS series of night visions NVS700 and NVS800 designed to be mounted on the weapon and used as an aiming system offer operatives of individual and crew-served weapons and will benefit military snipers and law enforcement marksmen. The NVS900 is a tripod-mounted long range night observation device suited for artillery fire control perimeter surveillance and target location at night.
The NVS series offer an array of choices for mounting systems, tripods, eyepieces and MIL-Dot reticules and can be easily transformed for other purposes. Some examples of such innovative technology are NVB700 and NVB800 binoculars, fixed diopter bioculars, handle for comfort observation, remote control systems, c - mount adapters.


  • Built to withstand the harshness of a military environment and satisfy the stringent shock and vibration performance demanded by use as a fire control instrument.
  • Developed for use by military and law enforcement for multi-purpose systems.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Powered by standard 1.5V "AA" batteries.
  • 25mm second generation Image Intensifier tube offers bright viewing In visible and near Infrared.
  • Modular Construction.
  • Comprehensive two-year warranty.


  • NVS700 is suitable for use on a variety of weapons including rifles, light and medium machine guns, rocket
    launchers and recoilless guns.
  • NVS800 is generally used as a crew-served weapon night sight including heavy and medium machine guns,
    cannons and missile launchers for passive observation and aimed fire.It can be hand held or tripod mounted for use by field observers.
  • NVS900 can be used in conjunction with fully adjustable GT-901 goniometer- tripod and LH80 Laser Range Finder to provide the user with rapid accurate identification and distance information.