Partowsaz 101

ISIRAN Forensic Crime Scene Light Source
At a crime scene, an investigator must be equipped with the proper tools for fast, accurate analysis of potential evidence. ISIRAN Corporation manufactures technologically-advanced, effective light sources that law enforcement personnel rely upon. The ISIRAN Partowsaz 101 LED Forensic Inspection Kit features the super-powerful, portable and rechargeable LED flashlight perfect for crime-scene investigation, gathering potential evidence and laboratory work. The super-high intensity, LED lamp easily reveals bodily fluids, biological stains and latent fingerprints, as well as pattern wounds, bone fragments, teeth, hair and fibers. When the light source is blue, an orange filter is used (the contrasting spectacles) to block the visible light from the light source to allow the weak fluorescence to be seen. Its internal dome lens ensures optimum light uniformity, which is especially beneficial for forensic photography. The lamp features “instant-on” operation, reaching full power immediately. Its corrosion-resistant, black anodized aluminum body stands up to heavy use in the field or laboratory. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it provides 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges.

Enhances the Detection, Inspection and Photography of:

-Biological stains and latent fingerprints
-Bruises/bite marks/pattern wounds
-Grease, oil and other petroleum-based stains
-fluids secreted by the body including blood, saliva, sperm, urine …
-Investigation with Nain Hydrin, Sianoacrilit and …
-Investigation of contusion, scratches, and bruise on victim's body
-Searching for any fingerprint in crime scenes
-Searching for any evidence with florescent effects
-Investigation of forged and dubious documents
-Hair and fibers
-Searching for fibers and hair
-Investigation of signs of shooting
-Searching for any sign of grease and oil
-Searching for shoeprints and tire tracks
-Investigation of fire scenes
-Investigation of bioterrorist scenes
-Investigation of explosion scenes

C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
-Using frequency feeding technology for decreasing heat, power use and increasing the life time
-Using Power LED technology instead of Xenon with the life time about 50 thousand hours
-Without any IR pollution in produced lights and therefore not destroying biologic evidence
-Availability of automobile charger and AC power application for use in any conditions
-Observance of all security measures and with no harmful effects on the operator
-Capable of regulating the intensity of emitted lights in three states and digitally
-Using microcontroller for controlling the amount of charge, discharge, and heat
-Capable of competing with products produced by reputable foreign companies
-Availability of different types of goggles for a better sight and protecting eyes
-Capable of producing lights with limited wavelength range (around 30nm)
-Availability of different types of filters for taking pictures from evidences
-Thoroughly domestic and without any dependence on foreign countries
-Provision of customer service in the shortest possible time
-Availability of belt clip for an easier use of the device
-Military design and resistant to shock, humidity, etc.
-Long time battery with AC power feed independant
-Confirmation from CID police of Iran
-Very light and compact
-Easy to use

Standard Components
-Light heads (UV/390, 440, 450, 505, 530, 555, 625 nm and white)
-Water-proof bag, resistant to pressure and shock
-Specialized filter for taking pictures from evidences
-Goggles (yellow, red, orange, and colorless)
-Head handle
-Auto charger
-AC power charger
-Charging cap
-Belt clip
-High temp cable
-Operating instruction manual