Partowsaz 202

ISIRAN Criminal shoeprint & tyre reference detector

ISIRAN Corporation’s mission is to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design and manufacturing. By fostering a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, talented and energetic employees, we maximize our ability to provide innovative and cutting- edge technologies to our global customer base. At a crime scene, an investigator must be equipped with the proper tools for fast, accurate analysis of potential evidence. ISIRAN Corporation manufactures technologically-advanced, effective light sources that law enforcement personnel rely upon. The ISIRAN Partowsaz 202 LED Forensic Inspection Kit features the super-powerful, portable and rechargeable LED flashlight perfect for crime-scene investigation, gathering potential evidence and laboratory work. Partowsaz 202 is specialized for detecting shoe print and tyre reference in crime scenes.

-Easy to use
-Very light and compact
-Using power LED technology with the life time about 50 thousand hours
-Capable to producing lights with narrow bandwidth range (around 30mm)
-Capable to regulating the intensity of emitted lights to form digitally

-Using frequency power technology for decreasing heat, power use and increasing the life time
-Using Power LED technology with the life time about 50 thousand hours
-Using remote controller for regulating wavelenth range and intensity of emitted light of device from far distance
-Availability of automobile charger and AC power application for use in any conditions
-Observance of all security measures and with no harmful effects on the operator
-Capable of regulating the intensity of emitted lights to form digitally
-Working for long periods of time with batteries and without any need of being directly feed by AC power supply
-Using microcontroller for controlling the amount of charge, discharge, and heat
-Military design and resistant to shock, humidity, etc.
-Long time battery with AC power feed independant
-Confirmation from CID police of Iran
-Capable of competing with products produced by reputable foreign companies
-Availability of different types of goggles for a better sight and protecting eyes
-Capable of producing lights with narrow bandwidth range (around 30nm)
-Having regulating screw for regulate angle of emitted lights
-Thoroughly domestic and without any dependence on foreign countries
-Provision of customer service in the shortest possible time
-Availability of belt head handle for an easier use of the device
-Very light and compact

Standard Components
-Head handle
-Auto charger
-AC power charger
-Operating instruction manual
-Water – proof bag, resistant to pressure and shock