Portable Repeater, TR-50

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Technical Capabilities:

  • The smallest Portable Repeater
  • Exquisite industrial Design
  • CTCSS/CDCSS Function
  • Pulse Trickle Charging
  • Multi-control for Onset of the Fan
  • LED Indicators
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth
  • PC Programming & Tuning
  • Base Station Capability & Local Speaker
  • Compact Desktop Design
  • Duplexer Installation

Technical Specifications:

Frequency range :                   VHF 146MHz~174MHz;
                                                UHF 440MHz~470MHz;
Channel capacity :                    Single channel
Channel spacing :                    12.5KHz
PLL channel step :                    5KHz,6.25KHz
Operation Voltage :                 13.8V±15%
Technical Specifications:
Duty cycle :                                50% (5Min Full-duplex working, 5 Min Standby)
Operation temperature range:  -30°C~+60°C
Frequency error :                        ±2.5ppm
Dimensions (H x W x D) :             90mm*218mm*220mm
Weight :                                      2.5kg

RF output power :                         4.5W±0.5W
Antenna impedance :                    50Ω        
Max. Frequency deviation :            2.5KHz (12.5KHz) /5KHz (25KHz)
Adjacent channel power :              ≤-70dB
Spurious emission :                       ≤-70dB
FM Hum and Noise :                       ≥45dB(Wide), ≥40dB(Narrow)
MIC impedance :                           2KΩ
Audio harmonic distortion :           ≤2%


Antenna impedance :                    50Ω
Sensitivity :                                    0.3µV@12dB SINAD
Adjacent channel selectivity:         ≥70dB
Intermediations rejection :            ≥65dB (Wide), ≥60dB(Narrow)
Hum and noise ratio :                    45dB
Audio output power :                     0.5W