Maintaining continuous air, ground and marine security is a vital task for each territory. A variety of sensors can be utilized in a surveillance and observatory network which will be capable of creating a system solution to provide the essential information to the commanders for taking the required actions specially when integrated under the secure management protocols and sophisticated software.
Radars are the most efficient sensors which can provide security against the air, ground and the sea intrusions. IRIG with a long term experience in developing custom design system solution is pleased to present the following network solutions to the prospective clients:
   * Border surveillance and Control network
   * Coastal surveillance and Control network
   * Aerial Radar Command, Control and Monitoring network

All mentioned models of radar in this reference product catalogue are able to work in a commanding network and being controlled remotely. In addition, other kinds of radars, which have the network capability, can be also used in such control network.
For border blocking aims, an under control border can be obtained by using an integrated radar network to control and monitor borders centrally by a command and control center. It can provide fast analysis to make the best decision in accordance with more data which can be under control in the command & control center. By a proper radar networking set up and its component lay outs, the reliability and security of an under control border can be increased. Using this system can increase the accuracy of military commanders and decrease the human resource victims by decreasing human direct control and local attendances.