The RCS-910 system is designed for establishing radio communication and digital data transmission. According to the mission the communication systems are implemented in two sections. The first section which is beside the radar controls the radios remotely and includes the peripheral units inside a cabin. The second section is implemented inside a Toyota vehicle and is used for LOS system for data transmission.



Technical features

• Radio communication layers (HF, VHF, UHF)

• 4.4-5GHz LOS radio with 1+1 structure and capacity of more than one E1

• Automatic antenna rotator

• Military PCM MUX

• Fiber optic, pair wire, Ethernet cable communication layers

• Tactical communication interface for external usage

• ICS system for integrating the communication systems

• E1 encryption system

• Voice recording system

• Panasonic TDA-100 telephone switchboard

• Tactical, moveability and maneuver facility

• Centralizing the communications for networking different sites

• Preventing the operators from the enemy’s attack by controlling the systems remotely.

• Emergency power generator and UPS system

• Tactical earthing system for mobile sections

• Protecting the power dispatcher against reverse polarity and lack of Mains power earth as well as lightening and switching

• Commonwealth equipment inside the shelter

• Fire alarm system

• Air conditioning system