ROC (Regional Operation System)

At the present age, information technology has been brought to the service of all commanders and managers in all aspects (military and non-military) in order to make proper decisions, direct organizations, and control systems. Those systems that are based on information technology operate on the basis of information collected from various sources and sensors, and its processing.
Some of these systems such as command and control centers of air defense, air traffic control centers, etc. collect and process data targets (aircraft, missiles, or any object flying) that have been detected from different radars. At last, the systems make decisions based on these processes. Subsequent processes include the combination of data obtained from some radars and the smoothing of target moving trajectory, which ultimately results in the identification process of flying object.
Thereafter, if the flying object is the friend’s one, it needs care and maintenance to reach the destination. In the case the fighter plane belongs to the self, it needs direction to reach the destination. The other alternative might happen when it has not been detected. In this case, threat will be estimated for the flying object. The weaponry suitable for that will be allocated in harmony with the type, speed, and the target of offensive object. Then involvement and, finally, the destruction of the unidentified flying object will take place.

In short, the mission of air defense force consists of:
-Detection Of Flying Objects
-Identification Objects and Threats
-Interception & Involvement
-Air Refueling Control
-Escort Of VIP & Passing Foreign Military Aircrafts
-Control Of Fighter Aircraft Flying Mission
-International Routes Supervise & Management
-Combat Air Patrol Operations
-Air Operations Simulation For Training
-Logging Events And Flight Information
-And Appling the Solution could be reach to complete and accurate the missions Goals.

System Definition
Air defense usually divided into three levels:

-Air Defense Operation Center (ADOC)
-Regional Operation Center (ROC)
-Command Post (CP)

But, in some conditions such as how much country wideness is, the threat types and potential capabilities and so on, caused equipped them with other centers like Tactical Air Defense Center or Data Processing Center.
In fact, a Regional Operation Center (ROC) is a subset of Air Defense command and control network that duty to surveillance of country air space. In this document we are focused on Regional Operation Center (ROC) solution Named “ROC” Deployment.
Military Organizations try to use technology's advantages for increase effectiveness of Regional Operation Center as much as possible. In this way, using of a system based on Information and Communication Technology is one of best solutions. Importance, sensitivity, Extensiveness and communications in one Sector Operation Center are shown in following schema.