Secure Mobile Phone, DES-1331

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Mobile phone, as a new communication tool, plays an essential role in the human life and its penetration is getting ahead of the ordinary telephone in some parts of the world.
Most of the countries use GSM standard for mobile phone systems. In order to protect conversations, GSM standard encrypts digital data transmitted across the air channel. Despite this fact, a weak encryption algorithm has been offered for the non-European countries. Moreover, eavesdropping of the conversations is still possible in other parts of the mobile phone network. So the mobile phone conversations are subject to serious threats.
DES-1331 is a new product for securing mobile phone conversations. It consists of a pocket PC phone and a secure phone software. Users can make secure conversations with DES-1331 without any limitations.
DES-1331 secure phone software is executable under Windows CE operating system. It transmits compressed and encrypted speech signals to the destination by means of data service of the mobile phone. In the destination, speech signals are decrypted and reconstructed for hearing.
Technical Specifications:

  • Full duplex and real time secure conversation
  • Powerful encryption algorithm
  • Synthesized speech with toll quality
  • Selectable conversation mode (secure/plain) by caller
  • Automatic recognition of conversation mode (secure/plain) in the called part
  • Phone book and incoming. outgoing and missed calls recording
  • Caller ID facility
  • Compatible with DES-1152 cryptophone software
  • Executable in Windows CE (Pocket PC Phone edition) operating system