Securing Client/Server Applications, NED-2222

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Most of the organizations have a server farm in their network center. Client/Server applications on hosts connect to these servers over LAN/WAN and provide various services to the users. Security is one of the important challenging problems of these organizations. Lack of suitable security tools may result in huge amounts of detriment.
NED•2222 is a new product which provides different security services including user authentication, access control, data integrity, and confidentiality.
NED-2222 is able to distinguish between users, apply different policies and maintain the communication's security over the network.
NED-1222 consists of hardware and software components including Server, Management program,Client software, and DES-1551 security module.
NED-2222 Server is placed as a security gateway of the server farm and protects it from various attacks.
Each user is supplied with a programmed DES-1551module as well as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is used during user authentication.
 Administrator is able to define users' policies andaccess control using Management software.
After authentication of users, security policies defined by the administrator are sent by the NED-2222 Server and applied into user's computer.So user's access control and communication security is guarantied. NED-2222 Server's built-in firewall and cryptographic algorithms provide strong security services over the networks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Data confidentiality and integrity services
  • Two factor authentication based on a proprietary protocol
  • Users' access control service with a special firewall
  • Transparent operation from the viewpoint of users and servers
  • Ease of use and no need for special education
  • Mobility of users everywhere in the network
  • Remote user management using the management program
  • Definition of security policies and access control rules per user
  • Prevention of Monitoring, Modification, Replay and Man in the Middle attacks
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP and Advanced server 2003 at the client side